Sunday, 24 October 2010

Kids virtual world brings Europe's largest shopping centre to a virtual standstill

Monster madness reached fever pitch as Mr Moshi himself signed copies of the first ever Moshi Monsters book at Europe's largest shopping centre today. Hundreds of children queued up excitedly for more than 4 hours to meet Michael Acton Smith (known in the virtual world as Mr Moshi), bringing Westfield London to a virtual standstill.

While they waited, the children got to have their faces painted and meet two of the much loved monsters, Poppet and Furi. The first 150 children in the queue also got an extra special goody bag to take home.

Mr Moshi (aka Michael Acton Smith) with Furi and Poppet

So what's all the excitement about? Well, if you're one of the 27 million children who has adopted a monster in Mind Candy's immensely successful educational and entertaining virtual world, the new book is precisely what you want in your little hands.

Happy Moshi Monsters fans with their signed books
The Moshling Collector’s Guide is, as the name would suggest, all about Moshlings, little mini monster sidekicks for your pet. After all, the only thing better than adopting a virtual pet monster is acquiring a pet monster for your pet monster. Or so my neighbour's seven year old  boy tells me. The book has bios on the Moshlings, telling kids about their preferred habitat, personality, and most importantly how to catch them. There is a different little trick to attracting and catching each Moshling, and some are rarer or more sought after than others. With tips and bios like these, it's no wonder the new book is flying off the shelves.
Inside The Moshling Collector's Guide

You can pick up your copy on Amazon,, , or your local WH Smith. 

To find out more about the game and why Really Kid Friendly recommends it for children, click here to read our review!

Photography by Mick Gell. 


  1. Cool how do you get blingo?

    1. you get his flower and two others, just like roxy. u need the code.
      hope i helped.


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