Monday, 11 January 2010

Exciting news!!

We are absolutely thrilled to report that yes, advertising actually does work. Emails to our friends and handing out cards to other mums at the Bringing Up Baby screening at the Phoenix and at our local cafes brought us a whopping 500 visitors since launch, and Tim's little ad campaign on Google has enticed another 300 people to visit our website in the past 2 weeks alone.
Anne did a brilliant job of writing our "What's on over Easter break" feature, so she will be pretty chuffed when I tell her it was read by nearly 400 other parents.
In other news, I read on the Plum Baby website (yes, I actually read the plum baby my life has changed!!) that Pizza Express has upped their baby-friendliness by adding Plum Baby food to their already child-friendly menu. They are running a two-for-one special offer at the moment if you order a main and a plum baby, so I'm looking forward to a credit-crunch friendly lunch outing with one of the NCT mums! Click here to take advantage of this offer.
More good news soon we hope!
- Janis

originally published on April 17th 2009 (106 reads) 

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